Bo and Kiska describe Anchor
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This is Anchor’s page. He is the biggest, gentlest dog in the kennel. Anchor has more miles on him than any other boy in the kennel. He has a never-say-die attitude. Anchor is retired now after sustaining a career-ending injury a couple years ago. He has smoothly (and quite happily) made the transition to house dog. During the day, Anchor lays on our bed to insure that it doesn’t float away. So far he’s been successful! Anchor and his brother, Wildfire, were inseparable right up until the time Wildfire died a year ago. They were the biggest boys and always ran at wheel position (back of the team). Anchor loves attention but doesn’t want to show his soft side in front of other dogs. Once you get him alone, he loves being pampered. You can read more about Anchor by clicking on Anchor Tales to the right.

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