Bo and Kiska describe Bo
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This is Bo’s page. He is the oldest boy in the kennel and arguably the best-looking. Bo has been a reliable, steady member of the team. His biggest flaw as a sled dog is that he can get tangled up like nobody else. I’ve often said that if you laid a rope on the ground, Bo could walk by and get tangled in it. Bo is retired now at the ripe old age of 11. He spends most nights in the house during the cold months. Bo is the father of three other dogs in the kennel: Kia (his kennel mate), Panda and Magnum (who he can’t stand). Bo adores Brian and doesn’t like it when other dogs get too close to him. He’s the ultimate Daddy’s-boy! He thinks he’s a tough guy but he doesn’t realize he’s old and doesn’t have all his teeth. You can read more about Bo by clicking on Bo Tales to the right.

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