Bo and Kiska describe Kia
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This is Kia’s page. She is the neediest, pushiest, most insistent girl in the kennel. (Translation = Pest!) Kia is extremely smart. She has been a lead dog her entire mushing career. Like her brother, Magnum, she understands the commands she’s given while running but reserves the right to decide whether or not to follow them. She does not like to be excluded from anything. She has to be right in the middle of everything. If we try to pet another dog, Kia noses in and grabs the attention. When she sleeps in the house, she sleeps on the bed at Brian’s feet. She WILL NOT relinquish her spot to anybody. She constantly wants to be in your face licking you and demanding attention. You can read more about Kia by clicking on Kia Tales to the right.

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