Bo and Kiska describe Kiska
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This is Kiska’s page. She is the smartest, oldest girl in the kennel. Kiska has more miles on her than any other dog in the kennel. She has been a reliable, steady force on the team. Kiska is retired now at the ripe old age of 11. She has smoothly (and quite happily) made the trasnsition to house dog where she keeps Anchor company. During the day, Kiska lays on the couch to insure that it doesn’t float away. So far she’s been successful! Kiska and Bo had what some people would call an “accidental breeding”. However, I got there during the “event” and I can tell you it was NO accident!! Kiska is probably one of the most affectionate dogs when it comes to people. She can get a bit testy with other dogs though. She is the ultimate snuggler and face-licker. You can read more about Kiska by clicking on Kiska Tales to the right.

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